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Former CFO Paul Taaffe spent time researching what is the best approach to CFO coaching and interacted with reputable CFOs across various industries. Paul has also written articles on “new generation CFOs “ and encourages Heads of Accounting, Controlling and or Treasury to participate in this coaching programme.

  • The next step is always the most important one, whether you are a CFO, head of accounting controlling treaury or taxation.
  • FINANCE People Solutions advises senior Executives und second level management on career management in all industries.
  • We interview you , analyse you and your your CV, the strengths and weaknesses, advise what you need to leverage to achieve the optimal next move and what not to do. After our informal two hour meeting you will have a much clearer understanding of where you are and where your journey can lead you. Our results are tailor made to your specific situation.
  • We charge 1.5% of your current annual salary. For programme specifics see below.

Career Advisory Programme – “PAT“ – Personality, Academia, Trackrecord

Former CFO Paul Taaffe designed the “PAT“ – Personality, Academia, Trackrecord, career advisory programme with other reputable CFOs. Write a mail to We will respond swiftly and look forward to supporting you achieve your career goals.


  • Telco introduction with CV review
  • Reflection: Where am I versus where I would like to be
  • Personal Interview with Paul Taaffe
  • Status Quo analysis and recommendation on next career step
  • Admission to the FPS-Network-Program where we find your next home with a top employer (only for very high potential candidates)

Send your CV to ptaaffe@finance-­

Your Potential

  • How high is my potential, personally and technically?
  • Where am I now in my career? Where would I like to be? How and how quickly can I get there?
  • What do I want? DAX, MDAX, SDAX, Mittelstand or a family company?
  • Am I a „Private Equity“ fit? Or maybe a dynamic start-up?
  • How about a Beirats- / Aufsichtsrats role?
  • And if it is my first CFO job – how can I make that happen?

My Team

  • How would I bench my organisation? Can I achieve my own career goals with my current team?
  • How can I improve my team, where can I recruit more talent quickly? Am I exiting low performers?
  • Is my successor ready to take over?

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